An Essential Benefit for Your Entire Workforce

SavvyFi empowers your employees to save for college and pay off student debt.

Why It’s Essential


Total amount of student debt in the United States


Average amount of debt for each four-year college graduate


Loans taken out by parents for their children’s education

Why SavvyFi?

SavvyFi Dashboard

Impacts All Employees

Employees can save for children, grandchildren, nieces, their own student loans and more.

Tax-Free Savings

Savings grow secure and tax-free in a top-tier 529 account. What is a 529 plan?

Zero Touch For HR

No payroll integration, paperwork or administrative burden to implement.

Advisory Board Includes Executives From

The Wondry
Mutual of Omaha

Savvy Features

Mobile Friendly Platform

Easy to use application makes signup easy for employees.

Planning Dashboard

Intuitive dashboard relieves anxiety about future planning.

Friends & Family Gifting

Loved ones have the opportunity to invest in education expenses.

Cashback Rewards

Shopping builds up savings at no cost to employers.

Saving Stats


Average monthly gifts & cashback received


Employees contributing monthly


Average Monthly Contributions


Received on One Birthday

How It Works

1. Easy Rollout

SavvyFi provides electronic and hard copy marketing materials for open enrollment.

2. Electronic Signup

Employees self-enroll through a signup link or the employer’s benefits administration platform.

3. Trusted Tech

SavvyFi’s tech auto-opens a 529 account with Vanguard® investment funds.

4. Advanced Features

Tracking, transfers, contribution changes and many other functions are included on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SavvyFi?

SavvyFi is a digital investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Our innovative technology makes it hassle-free and inexpensive for employers to offer college savings and student debt repayment benefits to their entire workforce.

How Does SavvyFi Work?
  1. Employees sign up during open enrollment – All employees need to complete signup is their work email address, basic information about themselves, information about who they are saving for, and their bank account.
  2. A 529 account is automatically opened – Once employees input their information online, a 529 account is automatically opened.
  3. Employees make contributions – Employees can make contributions from their own bank accounts, or they can use SavvyFi’s gifting and cashback rewards features to save without using their own income. All contributions are automatically invested in an enrollment-date investment option provided by Vanguard.
What is an enrollment-date investment?

An enrollment-date investment automatically selects and manages investments based on the age of the employee’s “beneficiary” (i.e., who they are saving for). All contributions will be invested in an enrollment-date option provided by Vanguard.

What is a 529 Account?

A 529 account, which is the underlying financial account offered through SavvyFi, offers tax benefits when used to save and invest for K-12 tuition, college costs, and student loans.

For more information on 529 plans, see our page What is a 529?

Who Can Open a 529 Account?

Everyone! Your employees can open an account for their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and even the neighbor’s kid – as long as your employees have the future grad’s social security number.

Your employees with student debt can even open an account for themselves and use SavvyFi’s cashback rewards feature to pay down their debt more quickly.

How Does SavvyFi's Cashback Rewards Feature Work?

Employees who shop online, make purchases in-store or book travel through SavvyFi’s cashback rewards program can earn up to 30% of their purchase in cashback to their 529 account.

Our cashback program covers 10,000+ merchants including major brands such as Target, Home Depot and Walmart. Employees can also earn with local merchants such as the neighborhood pizza shop.

How do my employees sign up?

Employees self-enroll online with any device by clicking a signup link that can be distributed to employees through email or their benefits administration system.

How much does SavvyFi’s employee benefit cost?

SavvyFi costs $5 per month per enrolled employee. This fee covers financial infrastructure and money transfer costs, SavvyFi’s gifting and cashback rewards features, and customer support operations.

Very little! SavvyFi provides all enrollment materials for distribution, and there’s no payroll integration required. Individual enrollment is hands-off because employees will self-enroll through a simple link, and our advanced platform handles all money transmission, reporting, support requests and account changes.
How Is An Account Funded?
Employees make monthly or one-time contributions from their bank accounts which are directly linked to SavvyFi’s platform.
Does SavvyFi Have a Mobile App?

No app needed! Your employees don’t have to download yet another app onto their phone because SavvyFi is web-based. No matter the device, either desktop or cellphone, our platform offers the same great user experience.

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