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SavvyFi is more than a college savings account. It’s a clear plan for your child’s future and a meaningful way for friends and family to support their dreams.
What Is SavvyFi?
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SavvyFi is an intuitive, family-oriented digital investment platform focused solely on the college savings problem. We made it easy to save with features like:
  • Easy signup
  • Friends & family gifting
  • Cashback rewards

College Debt

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Not sure how to start?

Your child is counting on you, and we’re here to help. All you need is a social security number, address, and your child’s name. Then we take care of the rest.

Friends and family

Boost Your Savings

Your friends and family are here to help. They’ll boost your savings by contributing directly into your child’s account on any special occasion, and you’ll know how much they care with the messages they leave behind.