How It Works

Simple setup, easy gifting and many ways to save.

College graduates

Easy enrollment.

All you need is a social security number, address, and your child’s name. There will be zero financial questions to get started, and you can get your college savings account set up easily in 5 minutes.

Include friends & family.

Send a message to your friends and family when you’re celebrating your children for reaching their goals. Your community can leave supportive comments and give a one-time or monthly gift towards their college savings.

Build a plan that works.

Choose a monthly savings goal that fits within your budget. You’ll always be up-to-speed on how your savings and community gifts have grown, along with changing college costs, and how much your family can expect from financial aid.

Grow your tax-free savings.

Your account will be administered by my529, which provides a tax-free shelter on your investment earnings, as long as the account is used for education. To make life even easier for you, Vanguard will automatically shift your investments from high growth potential when your child is young to lower risk when your child nears graduation from high school.