SavvyFi For Consultants

The single source for all your education financing benefits

Student Loan Repayment Benefit

 Employees create an account and seamlessly link their student loans.

 SavvyFi has direct integrations with 90%+ of loan servicers.

 Employer contributions are directly delivered to loan servicers with no need for reimbursement workflow

529 College Savings Account

➕ Employees digitally open a 529 account in minutes.

 Beneficiaries can include:

    • Children
    • Grandchildren
    • Spouses
    • Employees (for future education or retirement*)

 Over 6 out of 10 SavvyFi members set a recurring contribution. 

*With Secure 2.0, 529 plans can now be rolled over into Roth IRAs. 

Why Choose SavvyFi

Market Opportunity

Less than 2% of companies offer college savings or student loan repayment as benefits.

No Minimums

SavvyFi can be rolled out as a benefit to any company of any size.

At-A-Glance Portal

Easily manage all your clients from a single dashboard.

No Heavy Lifting

We handle everything from marketing to administration.

Savvy Features

Mobile & Desktop

Intuitive dashboard relieves anxiety about future planning.

Friends &
Family Gifting

Loved ones can contribute to education expenses.


Shopping at major merchants and local restaurants builds up savings quickly.


Employers can contribute to employee accounts at whatever level they want.

How It Works

1. Client Demo
SavvyFi is available to demonstrate the platform and answer client questions so you don't have to become an expert in the latest legislation.
2. Easy Rollout
SavvyFi provides electronic and hard copy marketing materials as well as videos for open enrollment. SavvyFi provides full customer service support to employees.
3. Electronic Signup
Employees self-enroll through a signup link or the employer’s benefits administration platform.
4. Trusted Tech
SavvyFi is connected to more than 90% of all student loan servicers and auto-opens a 529 account with investment funds.
5. Advanced Features
Tracking, transfers, contribution changes and many other functions are included on the platform.

Have questions?

Request more information.

Our expert team is on standby to answer any questions you may have about SavvyFi’s platform.