Student Loans Are Back But Your Employer May Help Pay for Them

Forma and SavvyFi Student Loan Repayment App

After a 3+ year hiatus, student loan payments are back!

If you’re like my wife and I who have 5 degrees (and the debt that goes along with it), you’re not fully prepared for this.

But I have some great news for you: You can now elect to convert your Forma wellness stipend funds into payments towards your student loans through the SavvyFi Student Loan App.

With SavvyFi + Forma, employees are sending on average $125 extra to their student loans each month. This amount could shave over 8 years off a 20-year repayment term!  It’s an unreal opportunity.

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SavvyFi is a digital web application that allows you to save for a loved one’s education and/or pay down your current student loans more quickly with cashback rewards on everyday shopping, gifts from friends and family, and for select workplaces, employer contributions.

Choose how much of your available wellness stipend funds on Forma you would like to allocate to pay down your student debt. Once you select this amount and link your loans, SavvyFi will send that amount to your loans each month.

SavvyFi has direct integrations into more than 90% of student loan servicers, which allows you to easily connect your loans in a frictionless and paperless way on any device. 

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